TechStride Consulting is a technology driven company that was established in 1999. With years of expertise in our company, TechStride Consulting is striving in every direction to please the customer.  Specializing in software development and network infrastructure, we also offer a number of other ways to accommodate the everyday technically orientated company at a reasonable price.  We provide services including computer and peripheral sales and service, network engineering, information technology (IT) consulting, website design, and database development/administration.  At TechStride Consulting we employ certified individuals from CompTIA, Concord, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft.  Our staff is experienced and able to out perform the high tech demand that today has to offer, including tasks such as high-level programming, Network Health, dynamic web site design, LAN/WAN integration, and custom database development.  TechStride Consulting recognizes the everyday needs that a business acquires in todayís highly complicated world.  Every business needs computers these days, yet it shouldnít be as sophisticated and expensive as what itís made out to be.  Thatís where TechStride Consulting comes in.  We provide a means of communication with the customer that filters the technical terms and phrases into a language that any smart businessperson can understand, and the best part is that we donít take advantage of you like most of our competitors.  TechStride Consulting provides professional yet easy to understand proposals for any job no matter how large or small and our prices are far below any of our competitors.  The reason for this is simple!  We know that the only way that weíll become successful is to help you become successful and thatís why we offer the best technical services at the lowest price. 

Our current position in the industry is constantly growing as we eagerly stay on top of the most current and state of the art IT solutions.  With the technological advances of today, it is essential to be able to adapt to changes constantly.  At TechStride Consulting, we are constantly pursuing certifications to meet the demands of our customers in todayís industry.  We are confident that we will meet the demands of any and every organization that we come across.  TechStride Consulting strives to become the best of what we do and thatís where our reputation speaks for itís self.  Donít just take our word for it though.  Take a few minutes and check it out for your self.


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