Web Page Design and development

    Professionally designed web pages- each web page has its own unique look and style.  No two pages are alike.  Your site will be easily distinguished and your own domain name ( is vital to making your site stand out.  We provide you with the means of doing this. Our web pages can be extremely multimedia and interactive, to a classy professional look and feel.  TechStride Consulting also offers e-commerce sites with online shopping carts, credit card verification and 128-bit encryption for the protection of you customers.  With our staff of web developers and graphic designers, your site is guaranteed to look and feel how you want it to.  A web page could be you best friend or you worst enemy.  With a well designed and ascetically pleasing page, this will serve as another member of your sales force with out pulling a salary from your payroll. OK so now you have this great looking web site.  A web site is great!  But you have to market it.  A website is only as good as your marketing plan behind it.   Even after the initial development of your website there is still a lot to be done.  We list your site with the top 100-search engines (i.e.- Yahoo, Lycos, excite, etc.) every 30 days.  So when someone is searching in the field that your company is in, your site is sure to make it to the top of the users search listings.  That is the first step that we take in marketing your website.  With a brief consultation we can determine your needs for marketing your site and our marketing specialist can assist you in doing so.  What good is a web site with out any traffic on it?  The answer is simply, none.  The key is to draw the people to your site.  Keep them there for a little while, and then make them want to come back at least once a month. 

  Network Engineering and Testing

    With the high tech demands of today, the Internet and file sharing is an important part of business.  The cabling infrastructure is the heart of all of you day-to-day computer activity.  If that fails, your company is unproductive.  Why work on an unreliable network system?  Network failures can cost your companies huge amounts of revenue.  TechStride Consulting has the staff and years of expertise in the high tech industry, We can assess you current network configuration, make determinations on where you need to be, where you need to go, and how you can get there form where you are.  Our computer networks are fast, efficient and reliable.  Our engineers design these networks to accept growth, and changes.  If your existing network is running slow and unreliable, we can perform a series of test on the network to determine the exact problem.  Then we engineer the solution, and our certified installers and technicians complete the changes and additions.

  Network Setup and Service

    With our network setup and service, we cover many aspects of you network configuration.  With Network Setup, we come to your location and do the complete setup and implementation of you network needs.  Whether it is new servers, printers, workstations configured, or all of the above.  We have the experience to accomplish this task.  One of the main aspects in the network setup and service is a backup solution.  What happens to you if you delete a file that has taken you a few hours to create?  We all know that feeling.  Well what happens to you when an employee deletes a database or files that have take hours, days, months or in some cases even years to build.  Your clients information from when you started working with them until it was deleted is now gone.  Or maybe even all of your clients.  With a properly designed backup solution, you can pull you files from the archives and restore them to the server and have 99% of your data back. One of the key elements in backing up your network or computer system is does it and is it working.  Yeah you may backup your system every night, but is that backup really working?  The worst thing that can possibly happen to a company is that the guy that works full time somewhere and helps the company out on the occasion or when he has the time has setup a backup tape drive for you.  Someone deletes a file.  You try to restore it on to the server and to your surprise it is not there.  Or the backed up file is corrupted.  We provide the means that gives you that piece of mind that your back solution is operate correctly and is there when you need it.  The backup solution that we offer is more less insurance for you computer files.  A good backup solution is a must. 

  Network Cabling

    The network cabling in your building is the heart of your business.  It is commonly the most overlooked aspect of you computer system.  The cabling plays such a large role in the function of you everyday activities, that with out it, you would be unproductive and inefficient.  Which means a loss of revenues, and possibly clients.  Can your business operate without electricity?  That is how important a reliable computer network is.  All of our cabling is tested, certified, and inspected.  TechStride Consulting believes in quality.  We go the extra step of sending a quality auditor out to your location to inspect the work of our installers and technicians.  We guarantee all of our cabling services free of workmanship defects for life.  That is how confident we are about out services and products.  When we cable a location out for a computer network our engineers take into account the new and upcoming technologies and make sure that our client are aware of the changes that are being made for the future and that the network cabling that we install will support those new technologies. 

  Network Security

    Security is a big issue of today.  One of the things that most people donít understand is the fact that you may not have information on you computers that people are going to want doesnít mean that you are not susceptible to attacks.  A hacker is not going to care how many shirts of a certain color you have in-stock.  The only thing that they want is to get into your system.  Why?  Just for personal satisfaction.  A hacker is going to try no matter what just to see if they can get in.  Once they are in they can destroy file, access files, manipulate files, etc.  They donít necessarily care about the details of the files.  Although some hackers do care, they just want to make it known that they were there.  They want you to know that your security is no match for their hacking abilities.  We have the experience and ability to provide adequate securities to your system to help prevent you form these attacks.  Do you lock you doors at night?  Well why do you leave you files sitting out on the front porch?


    We can provide the cabling services for the telephone systems in your office as well as the data cabling.  Currently we re not a distributor of any telephone systems, but we are in the process of becoming a Nortel Dealer.  We can how ever offer the cabling service for your premise area cabling needs.  Our primary focus in the communications industry is working with the providers and CLECís such as Bell Atlantic, Sprint, MCI, COVAD, etc.  We provide or engineering and installation services to these companies.  Our communications division works with these companies installing al of the equipment in the Central office, or sometimes called a hub office, that makes the phone system that we use everyday work.  From regular plain telephone service to XDSL, to fiber optic networks, we provide the engineering and installation.


    Our consulting service is designed to help your company get the IT plan that is needed established.   We consult on IT procedures, procurement, software development and marketing.  Our marketing staff is trained and experienced to help your company grow.


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